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[Forge] Primarcas de Horus Heresy Massacre y video del Seminario de FW

Aquí os dejo, desde Warseer, las reglas de los primarcas que aparecen en el Horus Heresy Massacre:

Ferrus Manus
medusan carapace . 2+ armour save 3+ invulnerable save
incorporates nuncio vox and servo arm , may choose to fire any two of the following in shooting phase-
plasma blaster , graviton gun , grenade harness ( unlimited usage ) , heavy flamer

range - melee , str x2 , ap 1 , melee , concussive , strikedown

(if using him in the campaign , he no longer has forgebreaker , since fulgrim stole it , if so his points cost is reduced to [REDACTED] )

special rules:
primarch - ( independant character , master of the legion , eternal warrior , fear , adamantium will , fleet , fearless , it will not die )

sire of the iron hands - ferrus manus has relentless and smash special rules ( the latter may be used in conjunction with any of his close combat weapons or attacks) and shooting attacks against him suffer a -1 penalty to their strength

all models with the special rule legiones astartes ( iron hands ) in an army containing ferrus manus gain the feel no pain ( 6+ ) special rule . (unless they already possess a superior version of this rule )

master of mechanisms -
possesses battlesmith special rule and passes repair rolls on a 3+ in addition , any vehicle with at least one armour facing of 13 in a primary detachment containing ferrus manus gain the ' it will not die ' special rule

very bulky

Konrad Curze

the nightmare mantle
provides 2+ armour save and 4+ invulnerable save , grants hit and run , and hammer of wrath special rules ( inflicting d3 HoW hits instead of the usual one )

Mercy and Forgiveness
( lightning claws )
range- melee str - as user ap - 2 melee , shred , specialist weapon , murderous strike , paired ( + 1 attack )

The widowmakers
( throwing knives )

widowmaker volley range- 12" str - 4 ap - 5 assault 3 , lethal precision ( precision strike on 4+ , to wound rolls of 6 ignore armour AND invulnerable saves )

special rules
primarch - ( independant character , master of the legion , eternal warrior , fear , adamantium will , fleet , fearless , it will not die )

sire of the night lords - acute senses , night vision. may always elect to have the first turn in any game that uses night fighting rule. a night lords force containing konrad curze gains the fear special rule for any unit with the legiones astartes ( night lords ) special rule. any afflicted units that already have the fear special rule now impose a -1 penalty on the leadership ofany enemy unit testing for fear against them.

the king of terrors - fear tests taken against him are subject to a - 3 penalty . in addition , should he part of an assault where any enemy unit is destroyed outright all enemy units subject to fear within 12 " and with line of sight to the combat must take an immediate morale check or fall back

stealth and bulky.


The Draken Scale - 2+ armour save , 3+ invulnerable save , halves the strength of any flamer , fusion , volkite melta or plasma weaponry used against him

Dawnbringer - range - melee str - 10 ap 1 melee , two handed , concussive , armourbane , instant death , earthshatter

( earthshatter - instead of attacking normally , place a blast template ( 3" ) anywhere in base to base contact with him that does not cover any friendly models , all models under the template suffer a single automatic strength 8 ap 3 hit with the strikedown special rule )

the furnaces heart
range - 18" str 6 ap 2 assault 1 , rending , line of effect

( line of effect draw a line from the primarch 1 mm wide and 18" long to determine the weapons area of effect , all units crossed by the line suffer a number of hits equal to the number of models in the unit the line crosses , this line may not pass through friendly models

heavy flamer ( str 6 )

special rules:
primarch - ( independant character , master of the legion , eternal warrior , fear , adamantium will , fleet , fearless , it will not die )

sire of the salamanders - in an army which contains Vulkan , any models with the legiones astartes ( salamanders ) special rule gain 1+ leadership and the adamantium will special rule

Blood of fire - may re-roll any failed it will not die or deny the witch tests

very bulky


the armour of the word - 2+ armour save , 4+ invulnerable save ( increasing to 3+ against witchfire and blows from force weapons )

illuminarium - range melee , str +2 ap 2 melee , concussive , master crafted , smash

archaotech pistol

frag grenades

special rules:
primarch - ( independant character , master of the legion , eternal warrior , fear , adamantium will , fleet , fearless , it will not die )

Living Icon - all models in the same detatchment with the legiones astartes ( word bearers ) special rule who can draw line of sight to Lorgar , gain +1 to their charge distance rolls , and are immune to fear , and gain a +1 bonus to their total score of determining the result of an assault

Sire of the word bearers - lorgar has the crusader special rule and confers this to any unit he joins , while he is on the table ( not in a transport ) all models with the legiones astartes ( word bearers ) special rule may use his leadership for all morale and pinning tests

Dark fortune - may re-roll any failed deny the witch rolls , once per game , lorgars player may elect to force a single enemy unit or model to re-roll all rolls of 5 and 6 to hit and to wound in a single player turn. the use of this power must be declared before the attacking player rolls any dice for the nominated model that turn

erratic psychic power -level 2 psyker who may choose to roll powers from either telepathy or telekinesis disciplines , however when using said powers , must roll 3 d6 and take the two highest dice results


( Lorgar transfigured . may elect to use lorgar after the begin of his fall to chaos , if so , this rule replaces erratic psychic power.
level 3 pskyer who may select ( not roll , SELECT) three powers in any combination from the telepathy and telekinesis disciplines at the start of the game . in addition lorgar rolls 3 d6 and chooses the two lowest dice lorgar transfigured is treated as an upgrade that costs [ REDACTED]"
Y un enlace al video del Seminario de Forge World que dio en el Games Day'13 de UK

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  1. Para mi gusto, el amigo Ferrus es infame, a ver cuantos puntos cuestan que eso es lo que realmente marcará la diferencia.